Education Materials

School Desks

The School Desks are made of Werzalit, a product manufactured by turning chipped woods into wood dust and mixing them with glue and chemical substances, shaping them in high pressure and temperature and covering their surface with decor paper.  It is resistant to temperatures between -78 and +92 C. It is appropriate for tropical climates and not affected by Flemish fire until 180 C for short periods.

The school desks come as double and single seater and is not affected by cola drinks,juice, tea, milk, acetic acid and chemical substances (excluding some strong acids) and can be easily cleaned. The Chairs are also made of Werzalit and the legs are made of oval profile and painted with electrostatic paint. Plastic boots are used for the bottom of legs.

Writing Boards

It is made of enameled steel surface or laminate surface and the frame is made of aluminium. Magnetic equipment can be used on the surface and can be cleaned by water. The surfaces are anti-glare. The writing boards come in three different colors; Green Blue and White. White boards can be used instead of projectors screens. Latex eraser is used for green and blue boards and felt eraser is used for white boards. You can hang maps or papers etc. through the hanger on the board.

Teachers Tables

The Teacher’s tables are selected according to the user requests, place of usage and climate. Coated melamine hardboard, compact laminate materials are used. (Generally preferred in laboratory classes ) The table legs can be completely made from coated melamine hardboard or aluminum box profile.