Mind Games System

Our Methodology

This is unique and creative approach to the development and training of thinking abilities and life skills through game. This system works in three simple yet very powerful stages which starts by the children engaging themselves in game-playing which ultimately empowers them with skills relevant to real-life situations. The mind games system is the bridge that connects the world of games with the real life.

Implementing This System In Your School

This system provides your school with a complete solution to your curricular requirements associated with thinking and life skills and it includes all the materials and know-how required to be successfully implemented in your school.

The implementation process consists of four elements:

1.Installing the School Mind Games Laboratory.

The school Lab includes all the substantive materials necessary for a successful implementation of our methodology.

  • The Mind Games
  • The Curricula
  • Teachers Resource Center

2.Training and Supporting Teachers.

After installing the school Lab, we begin a profound, long-term collaboration with the school’s teachers. The process starts with an initial 1 day certificate course and continues with monthly onsite and online support, and participation in our workshops.

3.Working with Personal Student Kits.

All Mind Game students must acquire personal student kits that accompany them through each school year. This includes a colorful and engaging exercise book and a unique Mind Game for the whole family.

4.Launching School Competitions.

Our main goal is to promote a culture of thinking among students, parents, teachers and the entire community. Schools that implement the Mind Games System can choose to launch one or more school projects, while our team accompanies and assists the school staff in the process.

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